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Leslie Combs with Swaps and Nashua, 15oz Mug


In the golden age of racing, Leslie Combs II and his beloved Spendthrift Farm were packing their stallion barn with legends.  On this beautiful fall day in the Bluegrass in 1967, Tony had come by the farm to take conformation shots of Combs' new stud, Swaps, whom would stand out the rest of his career here.  Mr. Combs requested a photo between the new barn mates, Nashua and Swaps and Tony had him jump in the shot.  The two stallions began to show off a little, stomping their feet and rearing up to which Mr. Combs replied by taking a karate stance as a joke.  Tony wonderfully hit the shutter at the perfect time and forever encased the personality of the moment and it's subjects.  This photo is a fan favorite not only for it's historical significance but also for its whimsy, a beautiful vintage glimpse back in time.  

15oz ceramic mug, dishwasher and microwave safe.

*Images are approximated and may not be an exact match on mug.

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